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There are a number of free riddle solvers and riddle sites online, including riddles.com, riddles-online.com, and iRiddler.com. Most riddle solving sites also contain riddles to solve.


A "factor by grouping" solver is a website that factors quadratic equations using the method of factoring by grouping. Rather than solving for the two values of x, factoring the quadratic equation provides a simplified equation.


A limit solver is tool that can determine the limit of a function when a variable approaches a given value. As of August 2014, limit solvers are available online at WolframAlpha, Symbolab and MathPortal.


Some math question solvers available online include MathWay.com and WebMath.com. Users can also visit Cymath.com and Math10.com. In addition to online websites, users can download apps for mobile devices, such as Photomath, which automatically solve math problems after a users takes a picture of the


A free math problem solver is designed to answer mathematics questions. Oftentimes, a free math problem solver answers questions in the areas of geometry, algebra, trigonometry and calculus as well as statistics.


A diamond problem solver is an X shape that has the X and the Y on the right and left sides respectively with the product of the two at the top and the sum of the two at the bottom. It is used to help students solve the answers for X and Y in algebraic problems.


A chemistry problem solver is a solution guide for solving chemistry problems. The guide helps students solve difficult and complex chemistry problems by providing them with step-by-step solutions to the problems.


A square root solver or calculator is a tool that helps one compute the square root of any number. There is a square root solver at Math.com as of 2014, and there is also a square root solver on most calculators. To use a square root calculator, one simply needs to enter a number and hit the square


A useful and easily accessible high level math problem solving resource is Mathway.com. The site has a variety of different tools that can help solve linear, polynomial and quadratic algebraic equations and expressions. However, this is not all Mathway.com has to offer.


Riddles are essentially word puzzles that use metaphors to describe something very specific. Riddles can also be jokes that are plays on words. These usually take the form of question and answer, for example, "Why was the picture sent to jail?" The answer is that it was framed.