To get rid of moss on your lawn, apply pesticide, improve the drainage of your lawn, and fertilize it regularly. If you can, it is also helpful to get more light to your lawn. It is best to treat moss with pesticide as s... More »

To get rid of moss in a lawn, use moss killer on the lawn. After the moss dies, remove it from the lawn using a rake, and plant new grass in the empty spots. Water the newly planted areas frequently until the new grass i... More »

Moss growing on damp, shaded areas of tarmac is easy to remove with just a few household items and some elbow grease. You need bleach, liquid detergent, a stiff broom, a scrub brush, a scraper, a bucket and a garden hose... More »

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There are a few different methods that can help control brown patch disease on lawns, including improving soil drainage and using special lawn care practices. As brown patch is caused by a fungal infection, using a fungi... More »

To remove moss from your lawn, raise the pH level of the grass by sprinkling it with alkaline lime, and aerate the lawn's soil to improve the circulation of air and promote drainage. Moss appears due to an excess of mois... More »

To get rid of mushrooms in the lawn, pick them or mow the are they are in as soon as they appear, then aerate the lawn to improve drainage and prune trees to increase sunlight exposure for the lawn. Although fungicides c... More »

There are several ways to effectively get rid of moss on lawns and these methods include a combination of the following: allowing more sunlight to shine on the lawn, manual removal of the moss, aerating the lawn and addi... More »