Crowdfunding websites reliably connect needy people with rich donors and other charitable givers. Some well-respected sites of this type include Fundly, YouCaring, GiveForward and GoFundMe. More » Government & Politics Social Services

The most generous millionaires and billionaires in the world include Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, Michael Bloomberg, and Paul Allen. Combined, these individuals donated $2.68 billion in 2014, according to The Chronic... More » Business & Finance

Join your local Freecycle group and check classified ads in the free section of your local Craigslist page or local newspaper to find stuff that people are giving away for free. Check on a regular basis, because free ite... More » Business & Finance Household Budgets Coupons & Sales
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Some ways to help the needy include giving items or money, volunteering for charity organizations, and being supportive and kind to people in need. The latter is one of the best ways to help, as it shows needy people tha... More » Business & Finance

As of 2015, the cities of Tampa, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale have implemented Housing First programs that are intended to rapidly house homeless people in subsidized dwellings that may not cost them any money. Many citie... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides people who are disabled, blind or aged with money to meet their basic needs, including shelter, clothing and food. As of 2015, this monthly payment amounts to $733 for individu... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Gambling, marrying or being born to a wealthy person, finding valuable items, suing, accepting money to refrain from disclosing information and investing money in successful ventures are some ways that people have achiev... More » Business & Finance Careers