Rival rice cookers should come with an instruction booklet; however, the instructions may occasionally be missing from the box. If the instructions are missing, they can be downloaded in PDF format from Rival's website. More »

To use an Imusa rice cooker, assemble the device, measure in the correct amount of rice and water, plug the cooker in, and press down the On switch. When the rice is ready, the indicator light automatically switches from... More »

Before you start, make sure to remove any stickers from the rice cooker and wash it carefully following the instructions provided. The Black&Decker rice cooker works by putting rice and water into the cooking bowl, cover... More »

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The Rival website offers a support and service page that has downloadable instruction manual for its slow cookers. Manuals Online also has a kitchen appliances section which offers Rival crockpot manuals. More »

A Rival electric roaster is available for purchase online and in-store at Walmart, or by visiting a retail website such as Amazon. While Rival provides support and manuals for their roasters via their official website, t... More »

Rival slow cookers can be bought from Amazon, Wal-Mart and Sears. Wal-Mart and Sears offer both online and in-store purchases, so shoppers can get a variety online or a hands-on look in a physical store. More »

Rival issued recalls for several of its slow cooker models manufactured between January 1999 and September 2004 in conjunction with reports of handles breaking and causing burns to a number of users when hot contents spi... More »