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Issues that might arise with a Rheem heat pump vary depending on the pump model and include problems with seals or motors going bad and low pressure and circuit board issues. Several complaints about Rheem pumps mention poor customer service problems when trying to receive service on parts under war


Rheem heat pumps operate quietly compared to many other units. Rheem heat pumps feature a special grille design with the fan on the bottom of the grille. This directs the airflow upwards and away from any plants and protects the fan from the elements.


As of 2015, Rheem does not offer electric-powered furnaces as part of its product offering in the heating and cooling systems category. The company does offer furnaces that are powered by either gas and oil as well as packaged heating and cooling units.


Rheem products can be purchased through an independent local Rheem contractor, but as of 2015, the company does not manufacture electric furnaces. The Rheem website allows customers to search for local Rheem contractors in their area based on ZIP code.


The Rheem RPKA-049JAZ heat pump is a 4-ton unit. Rheem heat pumps with 048 or 049 in the model number have a nominal cooling capacity of 48,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs) per hour, which can be used to calculate the heat pump's tonnage.


To connect a Honeywell RTH600D thermostat, first disconnect the electricity to the air handler. Remove a small portion of the insulation from each of the color-coded thermostat wire using wire strippers. Unfasten the screws over the connections with a flathead screwdriver, and insert the applicable


In the right areas, heat pumps offer homeowners efficient heating and cooling. While they might cost more that other heating solutions up front, those in temperate or warm areas can pay less for their heating.


Heat pumps transfer the warmth in air outdoors inside a home by using electricity. Almost all heat pumps can also be reversed to function similarly to an air conditioner by transferring indoor heat outside.


A heat pump is a mechanical compression cycle refrigeration system that is used to either heat or cool an area. Heat pumps work by transferring heat from one body, such as the ground, air or water, to another body. This can also be reversed to cool an area.


The Home Depot and Lowe's are popular outlets for electric furnaces with heat pumps, but smaller dealers also service many areas. Most heat pumps have integrated electric furnaces functioning as emergency heating devices, so consumers can find heat pumps with electric furnaces at nearly any business