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Rheem air conditioner prices are available on Amazon.com and ACWholesalers.com. Each site lists several sizes of Rheem products, with pricing and specifications for each listing.


Consumers can locate where to purchase a Rheem air conditioner by entering their zip code under the Find an Independent Contractor search bar on the official Rheem website at Rheem.com. Rheem air conditioners are only sold by authorized, independent dealers.


Contact information for Rheem is located on the company website. From the main page a customer needs to navigate to the contact page where contact details are found.


To repair a Rheem air conditioner, identify the component causing the problem, and then clean or replace the failing component. Common problems with Rheem air conditioners include worn-out fan motors, dirty condenser coils and defective temperature control thermostats.


Businesses that sell replacement parts for Rheem air conditioners include United Part Supply, Supplyhouse.com and AllParts Heating & Cooling. These businesses maintain websites that allow customers to purchase replacement parts online.


A Rheem Air Handler refers to Rheem's line of air conditioning and heating systems, which can have energy efficiency ratings between 13 to 18 on the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, depending on the model. As of February 2015, there are 15 models available in Rheem's Air Handler product category.


The limitations of Rheem air conditioning units include high prices, risk of defective coils, risk of AC coil leakage, short lifespan, and potential copper coil corrosion. Rheem air conditioning units produce loud noises and are reputed to require constant repairs.


Detailed reviews of the top air conditioners are available on a number of websites, such as TopTenReviews, ConsumerSearch and SAC-RC. Reviewed products include window-mounted air conditioners for small to large rooms, central air conditioners and portable air conditioners.


Reviews for the top 10 air conditioners place the Klimaire Ductless Inverter as number one, followed by the Honeywell MN10CESWW, Koldfront PAC701W, York Air Conditioning System and Klimaire 18,000 BTU. The top 10 continues with the Klimaire Air Conditioner, Mitsubishi Mini Split, DeLonghi Pingino Po


Some air conditioners with good reviews include Frigidaire FRA054XT7, Honeywell MN10CESWW, LG Electronics LW8014ER Energy Star and Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose. These air conditioners are among the best because they are convenient, energy-saving and easy to use, notes Heavy.com.