VGA and RGB are different but related terms that are used to describe video technology. RGB, which stands for red, green and blue, is a color model used in a wide variety of applications. VGA, or video graphics array, is... More »

RGB color can be converted into Pantone by using a graphics program such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Pantone color options are approximate and may not exactly match RGB colors. More » Science Colors

To convert RGB to Pantone, visit, type the hexadecimal value of the RGB in the given field, and click on Convert Hex Color. The following page displays the most identical Pantone color with its name and value. Use... More »

If a TV has a VGA input port, then plugging a VGA cable into it allows it to send a computer video signal from the computer to the TV. Not all televisions have VGA ports on them. Instead, many have HDMI or other input po... More »

Depending on required resolution, the maximum length of a VGA cable varies between 30 meters for lower resolutions to only 7.5 meters for higher resolutions. The signal that travels through a VGA cable is analog, which d... More »

An RGB cable is used in transferring video signals from a video source to a display. This type of cable only carries video signals and consists of three RCA cables that have red, green and blue connection tips. RGB cable... More »

According to Apple Inc., the RGB signal is the standard signal for most computer graphics and video files. It is named for the colors red, green and blue. These colors, in certain combinations and intensities, can create... More »