A revocable living trust is created through the grantor's signature on a living trust document and the transfer of all property into the name of the trust, according to Nolo. The grantor is the individual for whom the tr... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

Revocable Living Trusts offer several advantages over other forms of estate documents such as wills. These include keeping the plans for an estate private, planning for mental disability and avoiding probate. More » Business & Finance Investing

Free revocable trust forms are available online at websites such as AllLaw, Rocket Lawyer and USLegal. On AllLaw and USLegal, visitors must copy the text into a document to edit and print; Rocket Lawyer provides a form t... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning
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To make a living trust in California, write a trust document that states the name of the person inheriting the trust property and designates you as the trustee, instructs Nolo. Sign it in the presence of a notary public,... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

A living revocable trust involves a transfer of ownership of property into a trust. This is done over the course of a person's lifetime, and is often done to ensure that beneficiaries are not given their inheritance in o... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

The special needs trust form includes names and addresses of the grantor and trustee, the trust property, and name of the beneficiary, states US Legal. The form also establishes the powers of the trustee. More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

An irrevocable living trust is a trust set up during the lifetime of the grantor that cannot be changed once it is set up, reports Nolo. Irrevocable living trusts are commonly set up to reduce or eliminate taxes or prote... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning