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Some retirement jokes and quotes are that retirement is the world's longest coffee break and that retirement brings the challenge of learning how to spend time without spending money. Another joke tells the story of an old woman arrested for shoplifting whose husband en...


Popular retirement jokes include one-liners such as "Regular naps prevent old age, especially if you take them while driving" or "Why do retirees smile all the time? Because they can't hear a word you're saying." Popular retirement jokes often focus on the fact that the...


A list of the top 10 retirement jokes can be found online at Top54u, as of 2015. Many other popular retirement jokes can be found at Unijokes.com and Retirement-Online.


One-liner jokes such as "twice the husband for half the income" poke fun at how much retirees are around now that they're not working. Stating that retirement has cured businessmen's ulcers while giving their wives one is another example.


Statements that poke fun at the retiree's attitudes towards employment and retirement are appropriate for a coworker's retirement. Platitudes such as "Hard work never killed anyone, but why chance it?" or "I don't have a solution, but I do admire the problem," are funny...


Some examples of funny jokes may be knock knock jokes, puns or pranks or one-liners such as "What does a clock do when it is hungry? It goes back for (four) seconds." Jokes can employ word play, puns, double-entendre, sarcasm and irony in an effort to amuse. Most jokes ...


Although humor is subjective, one of the funniest jokes according to Stuff You Couldn't Make Up is: Snake one, "Are we poisonous?" Snake two, "I don't know, why?" Snake one, "I just bit my lip." SYCMU features a variety of top 10 joke lists.


Web sites that list popular jokes include Facebook, Comedy Central's website, jokes.cc.com, and laughfactory.com. Facebook contains a list of the top 50 funniest jokes ever told, and Laugh Factory's website has a link to popular jokes.


A variety of websites, such as the Laugh Factory, Reader's Digest, ChristiansUnite and Jokes 4 Us, have lists of clean jokes. Some joke topics include animal puns, job interview jokes, knock-knock jokes and religious jokes.


Jokes for kids include the classic joke, "Have you heard the joke about the butter? I better not tell you, you might spread it." Kids can find many age-appropriate jokes on the website Funology.com.