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In 2027, both men and women will reach retirement age at the age of 65. Information on old-age pension can be found here. Date of birth. Date. Gender.


Men. Year. Retirement age. Date of birth. 2012. 62 years 8 mo. 01/07/1949 – 30/04/1950. 2013. 62 years 10 mo. 01/05/1950 – 28/02/1951.


Aug 26, 2021 ... You can retire on an old-age pension at a certain age. The old-age pension is payable both as an earnings-related pension and a national ...


Sometimes, you may want to calculate the retirement date which on the exact day of birth date after 60 years from the birth date, for example, if the person is ...


Many companies have a policy that states employees have to retire after a certain age. We can calculate this retirement date from the birth date.


For example, if you were born in 1955, the SSA says your full retirement age ... one of these benefits and delay applying for the other until a later date.


Service and disability retirement benefits;; The formula for calculating your ... Be sure to include your estimated retirement date, the name and birth date ...


If you were born after 1 March 1979 you will be one of the first people to get your old age pension at 70 years of age. iCM Form. Please fill in your date of ...


If you are born from 1960 and later, you will reach full retirement age at 67. You will automatically receive Medicare benefits, if you receive Social Security.


Like the Age Pension eligibility age, your preservation age depends on your date of birth ...


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