Consult a Hummel price guide, such as "The No. 1 Price Guide to M.I. Hummel" by Robert Miller or the online guide at, to identify authentic Hummel figurines and their values. Figurines in excellent conditi... More » Home & Garden Antiques

Hummel figurines are worth anywhere from $30 to $1,630.33 as of 2014, according to Antique HQ. Their individual worth depends on their condition and when they were originally made. Some figurines are more valuable than o... More »

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A number of online resources for appraising M.I. Hummel figurines can be found online. Price guides. books, and online antique appraisers are good options for estimating the figurines' values. More » Home & Garden Antiques

The older HomCo Denim Days Collection figurines are considered rare, according to a HomCo Collectibles guide published by eBay. The HomCo limited-edition bear figurines are also rare, notes Miniatures & Collectibles. More »

As of 2014, the value of a complete set of Goebel Hummel plates is determined by the value of individual plates in the collection. Individual plates are valued from under $20 to over $400. For example, the 1971 Heavenly ... More »

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