Restorative nursing is a program available in nursing homes that helps residents maintain any progress they've made during therapy treatments, enabling them to function at a high capacity. Potential therapies include spe... More » Business & Finance Careers

The main purpose of a restorative nursing assistant is to assist in restoring patient mobility by performing duties such as maintaining a record of patient health care activities, administering treatments, and assisting ... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

Nursing patient assessment forms contain questions about the patient's health history, mental state and current medical requirements, according to the New York State Department of Health. The form is customized to the ty... More » Business & Finance Careers
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Intravenous therapy, pain assessment and seizure management are common nursing procedures, according to the University of Texas Health Science Center. Intravenous therapy is a nursing procedure that involves insertion of... More » Business & Finance Careers

Some of the top vocational careers include nursing, aircraft mechanics, dental hygiene, radiology technology, construction management, firefighting and respiratory therapy. The pay and qualifications for vocational posit... More » Business & Finance Careers

A care worker takes charge of the welfare of children, disabled and the elderly in residential homes, clinics, hospitals and nursing homes, according to Job Guide. The care professional helps people administer self-medic... More » Business & Finance Careers

The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services states that nursing homes provide supervised nursing care 24 hours a day to all residents, while assisted living facilities provide varying levels of service ... More » Business & Finance Careers