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Teachers can accommodate different learning styles by varying the types of activities and assignments presented in the classroom. The three most common learning styles are visual, auditory and kinesthetic.


An online classroom is a virtual space in which teaching and learning take place between instructors and students separated by distance, according to Iowa Public Television. Students log in to a website to communicate with classmates and instructors, retrieve course materials, complete assignments a


Classroom management is important to the whole education process because it offers students an ideal learning environment, helps prevent teacher burnout and makes students and teachers feel safer and happier. Classroom management involves more than just discipline and rules. It also entails organiza


Effective techniques for classroom management include setting clear expectations for student behavior and creating achievable learning goals for the students. Another good method for managing student behavior is to maintain a close and regular physical proximity to all of the children by moving abou


When used effectively, online classrooms can increase communication, enable student-centered teaching, provide flexibility and can cost less than normal higher education facilities, according to the Open Education Database. Other benefits of online learning include a comfortable learning environment


Principals use classroom observation forms to evaluate a teacher's performance and adherence to teaching standards for her district. These forms can be short, for informal observations, or longer and more involved, for formal observations.


The role of the teacher is to instruct students, manage behavior, encourage student learning and assess progress. The teacher is the leader in the classroom and maintains responsibility for the students' learning and safety throughout the school day.


Accommodation occurs when a person's existing mental framework, called a schema, must be altered to adapt to new information. Within psychology, accommodation is a component of Jean Piaget's process of adaptation and cognitive development.


Classroom management strategies include having an engaging lesson plan, speaking using a natural voice, speaking only when students are ready to listen and quiet, using visual clues to get student's attention and addressing behavior issues quickly. Students come expecting to learn when teachers are


Students may misbehave in the classroom for several reasons: physical problems, special needs, craving attention, boredom or a lack of teacher engagement. It is perfectly natural for students to get restless occasionally, but if it is a common and disruptive problem, the underlying cause must be add