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Changing an air filter is a relatively simple process that can be completed in a few minutes if the proper materials are available. In order to change your air filter, you need access to your air conditioning unit and a new air filter.


While residential and commercial air conditioners operate on similar principles, commercial units are typically installed on rooftops and have more robust drainage systems. Commercial structures often use multiple units to provide better efficiency and control.


One symptom of a blocked air filter is that the furnace stops operating. Furnaces have an over-limit cutoff switch that stops operation if the temperature in the heat exchanger becomes too high. As a result, according to the Family Handyman, the home may remain below the thermostat setting.


Residential codes protect the public by regulating how buildings are constructed, maintained and occupied in towns and cities. Code officials inspect building sites to ensure the construction is structurally sound and safe for continued development.


For most cars, it is very easy to change the air filter, according to Edmunds.com. First, make sure the car is turned off and that it has cooled down. This is important, as the filter is near parts of the engine that get very hot when the engine is running.


To replace the air filter in your car, lift the lid from the air cleaner, and pull the air filter out. Put a new air filter where the old one was, and secure the lid back into place.


Five Seasons Comfort makes air cleaners for commercial, industrial and residential markets. The company specializes in solutions to indoor air pollution, including reducing airborne allergen loads in homes, offices, restaurants and factories.


Noise in a residential air vent can be caused by debris in the duct work, such as nails and plastic, that rattles when the air flows through. A loose register vent can cause a sharp rattling noise when the screws need to be tightened.


The correct method of residential air conditioning sizing uses the square footage of the area the unit is cooling. After calculating the area, compare it to a chart to convert to the British thermal units per hour it requires for cooling.


The purpose of a car's air filter is to prevent dirt and other particles from entering the fuel system or engine. Air filters also prevent particles from entering the air conditioner system.