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Modern Republicans advocate the theory of supply side economics, which holds that lower tax rates increase economic growth. Many Republicans oppose higher tax rates for higher earners, which they believe are unfairly targeted at those who create jobs and wealth. They believe private spending is more efficient than government spending.


A core plank of the Democrats’ “Green New Deal” resolution is eliminating air travel by transitioning to high-speed rail. But California Governor Gavin Newson just stopped that plan in its tracks.


Noun. Our state representative is a Republican. The state's voters are mostly Republicans.. Adjective. the leader of the Republican Party a small but well-organized republican movement working quietly to overthrow the military dictatorship


Republicans argued that there was a lot of fraud in the program, which is wasting taxpayer dollars. Republicans also favor more individual responsibility, so they would like to institute rules that force beneficiaries of welfare programs to take more personal responsibility through measures like mandatory drug testing, and looking for a job.


In the country’s second critical election, in 1896, the Republicans won the presidency and control of both houses of Congress, and the Republican Party became the majority party in most states outside the South.


Vice-president tells European and Asian allies they should follow the US in quitting the Iran deal and recognizing Juan Guaido


The Republicans (French: Les Républicains; LR) is a centre-right, Gaullist and conservative political party in France. The party was formed on 30 May 2015 by renaming the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party, which had been founded in 2002 under the leadership of former President of France Jacques Chirac.


Catch up on the latest Republican Party news, photos, videos, and opinion. BREAKING NEWS. ... Republicans Claim Democrats' Voting Rights Bill Is Just A Play To Steal Elections


Commentary and archival information about the Republican Party from The New York Times. ... Those Republicans supporting the move didn’t approve when President Barack Obama used his executive ...


The Republican Party of California. Become a Volunteer. Together, we can shape a vibrant and prosperous future for The Golden State. Donate for Victory. Chip in and help us elect our slate of Congressional, Senate, and Assembly candidates in 2018. Join Us.