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Nov 20, 2020 ... See state political party websites or the Federal Election Commission website for this information. For dates and deadlines for Early and Absentee ...


Jul 14, 2020 ... A supporter of President Donald Trump claimed in a video that she was denied the right to vote for Trump and other Repub.


Sep 29, 2020 ... When Wisconsin tried to hold a presidential primary election during the pandemic , Milwaukee officials opened just five polling places for the ...


Then each party's candidates run against each other in the general election. Open Primaries: In an open primary, a voter of any political affiliation may vote in the.


Feb 5, 2020 ... In order to vote in the presidential primary on March 3, you must choose a party preference.


Jan 28, 2016 ... Next week, Republican voters will begin the process of selecting their party's 2016 presidential nominee. A major question is which GOP voters ...


May 28, 2020 ... — Compared to 2004, another year that featured a Republican president in a lightly-contested primary and a contested Democratic primary race, ...


Feb 9, 2020 ... Are you looking for information on voting in the September 2020 state primary? A lot has changed since February! Click here to get the latest on ...


Jan 24, 2020 ... Elections officials are mailing cards to millions of California's unaffiliated voters saying they can't vote in the Republican presidential party.


Mar 3, 2020 ... Super Tuesday is here. And if you're a registered voter in Virginia, that means you get to weigh in on a crowded field of Democratic candidates ...