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Nov 8, 2016 ... How television news has covered red and blue (and yellow) states over time.


Cristina Osmeña, a former candidate for U.S. Rep. in California, writes about why it's important for Republican women to run for office.


Oct 26, 2020 ... The major party color schemes, and the terms “red state” and "blue state," are actually a recent phenomenon. Here's why you now see them ...


Mar 25, 2021 ... The state's new Republican-crafted law is set to restrict voting access in ways that Democrats and voting rights groups say will have an outsize ...


Mar 5, 2021 ... 12, 2020, in Marietta, Ga. Eager voters waited six hours or more in the former Republican stronghold of Cobb County, and lines wrapped around ...


Nov 16, 2020 ... On non-Election Days, Republicans and Democrats preferred Republican red equally, and Republicans actually preferred Democratic blue more ...


Sep 29, 2020 ... When Wisconsin tried to hold a presidential primary election during the pandemic , Milwaukee officials opened just five polling places for the ...


Mar 2, 2021 ... While right-wing Americans primed for insurrection, the GOP portrayed protesters for racial justice as terrorists.


Nov 13, 2014 ... The United States split into red states and blue as we know them just a few presidential elections ago. Some dislike the broad brush.


Feb 13, 2021 ... Freshman Rep. Byron Donalds wants to pull off something Washington has never seen: Membership in both the liberal Congressional Black ...