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To obtain a title for an abandoned vehicle in Arizona, the vehicle must have been abandoned for more than 48 hours on a roadway, parking facility or on private property according to the Arizona Professional Towing & Recovery Association Inc. The vehicle must be inspected by law enforcement officers


To locate an abandoned mine, go to www.abandonedmines.gov. There is a map with the locations of abandoned mines. Additional information is available, such as information about safety precautions.


To find abandoned properties for sale, locate any abandoned property of interest and visit the county recorder's office to search for the name of the owner or lien holder. Contact that person, business or bank and inquire if the property is for sale. If it is, ask for a price and any terms to buy.


A letter of abandonment of property is the legal notification that allows the owner of the abandoned property to recover their goods before they are disposed. By law, if someone is in possession of another person's property, they can't dispose of it without legal notice to the rightful owner.


The process for buying abandoned property is the same as purchasing any other piece of real estate, which involves contacting the owner, placing a bid and negotiating the full terms of the sale. The main difference is that you may need to conduct additional research to locate the owner of abandoned


Obtaining the title of an abandoned car is done through contacting the DMV in order to make contact with the current owner of the vehicle. In the event that the owner cannot be located, the car is impounded and put up for auction, where its title is then legally purchased.


The law of abandonment of personal property applies when an owner intentionally forfeits ownership of items other than real property, explains LegalMatch. In general, common law follows the "finders, keepers" rule - a person who takes possession of abandoned property owns it - though some states hav


Not all accidents appear on an accident report because motorists do not report all accidents to the police or to insurance companies, according to Nolo. Drivers in accidents don't necessarily file police reports or even call the police if no serious damage or injuries have occurred.


Pictures of abandoned prisons can be found on the websites io9 and Abandoned America. The sites provide detailed photographs of abandoned prisons both in America and around the world.


Car owners and buyers can obtain free vehicle history reports from Kelley Blue Book, VIN Free Check, and the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. These reports provide consumers with important history information and protect them from purchasing stolen vehicles.