The transom is the transverse, vertical section that makes up the rear, or stern of a boat directly opposite the bow. Transoms are flat or curved and are as high as the hull or low as the waterline. A vessel's name is co... More » Vehicles

Before you install a small outboard motor, make sure that your boat is in good condition. Prepare the boat's transom by replacing any rotten wood; reinforce it with plywood to strengthen it if necessary. Using a framing ... More » Vehicles

When choosing a replacement glass for an acrylic boat window, consider that acrylic windows expand and shrink a lot when the temperature outside changes, so account for that change when calculating the size of a new wind... More » Vehicles
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A boat's Hull Identification Number is found in the upper right corner of the transom, or stern. If a boat does not have a transom, or placement of the HIN on the transom is impractical, the HIN is located on the starboa... More » Vehicles

The four sides of a boat are the bow (front), stern (rear), port (left side as you face the bow) and starboard (right side as you face the bow). "Amidships" is used to refer to the center of the boat. More » Vehicles

The rear of the boat, described as the aft portion, is known as the stern. The stern is where the engine's propellers and rudder are located. More » Vehicles

All boats manufactured or imported after 1984 are required to have hull identification numbers in two places, with one being clearly visible from the outside of the boat on the starboard side of the transom and within tw... More » Vehicles