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Best prices on 5 Mercedes-Benz Locking Wheel Lug Nut replacement and OEM ... Seat Lock Set (M14 x 1.5 Thread Size) - Set of 4 Locks and 1 Key (Part No.


May 9, 2016 ... A replacement key can be purchased on ebay for £25 (which I have ordered). There are 20 different locking wheel nuts and each one has a ...


Queenston Tire highly recommends you replace the locking lug nuts on your ... You have one on each wheel and need a specific patterned key to remove them.


Jul 23, 2017 ... ... on the wheel spacers and can't find the key for the locking lug nuts. ... local dealer and they have me 4 stock lugs for free to replace my keys.


Jan 9, 2017 ... I just took a look and I can't find the locking wheel lug key anywhere. ... buy a new set if you still want them on, or just replace with OEM lug nuts.


May 5, 2014 ... I am asking locally in case any owners have the key - so that I can borrow it just remove the locking nuts and replace them with normal wheel ...


Apr 6, 2014 ... The locking wheel nut key on the first gen s is in the compartment in the ... even paying a garage to bash off and replace with an aftermarket set.


Nov 4, 2019 ... I have lost locking wheel nut key and trying to findout key code so that I can order a replacement. It was my mistake didn't write down the key ...


Nov 16, 2019 ... This can be expensive and often takes a few weeks before the replacement key is ready. You may find that the dealer cannot help. If you are ...


Jun 7, 2019 ... They could not replace the brake pads because whoever rotated my tires last forgot the put the lug nut key back in the trunk. They had a way to ...