It is possible to replace the motherboard in a laptop. First, assess the issue to determine what the problem is before repairing or replacing it. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To replace an Intel motherboard, back up important files and registration keys, deactivate or uninstall activated applications, and update drivers. Place the computer in a flat, dry and static-free environment. Constantl... More »

Some modern refrigerators include motherboards. For example, refrigerators manufactured by GE have had internal motherboards since 2000. These motherboards replace older mechanical parts, such as cold controls and defros... More » Home & Garden Appliances Refrigerators & Freezers
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It is usually not possible to install a video card in a laptop as the graphics-processing function is integrated into the motherboard. It may be possible to attach the laptop to an external graphics enclosure that contai... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

A motherboard links the different components within a computer to allow communication between all the hardware components. It holds the system memory, expansion slots, networking systems, audio, input/output systems and ... More »

According to PCMag, the Advanced Technology Extended motherboard (ATX) was the first PC motherboard to not only include I/O support (serial, parallel, mouse, etc.) but also to place all the connectors directly on the mot... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To find out whether a motherboard is bad, Computer Hope suggests using diagnostic tools, such as Hot CPU Tester, that check for failures within a system. If a computer does not start at all, listen for a series of beeps ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware