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After removing and draining the old water heater, hooking up new flex pipe segments, connecting to the gas supply (unless the heater is electric) and linking to the water supply complete replacement of a hot water heater. Because of the heavy lifting involved, it is wise to enlist an assistant.


It is time to replace a water heater when it begins to corrode and leak, regardless of its age. Once a water heater reaches 10 years, replacement should be considered as soon as anything starts to go wrong.


Water heaters that need replacement include those over 10 years old and those that are leaking or failing to consistently heat water to an acceptable temperature. Small issues, such as a leaking pressure release valve, are repairable, but major water heater damage caused by rust and corrosion cannot


A water heater's typical life expectancy is eight to 12 years, and the device should be replaced if it leaks, if it fails to heat or if its performance is unpredictable. Problems such as broken thermostats and faulty heating elements can be fixed without replacing the unit.


Tips to replace a water heater safely include measuring the height of the previous water heater for comparison and turning off the water heater at least two hours in advance to allow remaining water to cool. Soldering copper fittings prior to screwing them to the tank is also helpful.


A fast water heater, sometimes called a tankless water heater, heats water on demand as it flows through the unit instead of maintaining a reservoir of water at temperature. These heaters can be more efficient than conventional water heaters, but can be expensive and may provide inconsistent tempera


As of 2015, the top three water heaters are the Whirlpool N40S61-403, the Rheem Fury 22V40F1 and the Ecosmart ECO 27, according to consumersearch.com. The Whirlpool and Rheem models both have a 40-gallon capacity.


The price of water heaters vary depending on the type of water heater, capacity and fuel source. The two basic types include storage tank or tankless, and a gas storage tank water heater costs between $230 and $2,000. An electric storage tank costs between $400 and $3,000 for complete installation.


Customers can find replacement parts for water heaters through online retailers, such as HomeDepot.com, AceHardware.com and RepairClinic.com These websites provide replacement parts for water heaters from various brands, including BrassCraft, Cash Acme, Watts and White Rodgers.


The cost of replacing a water heater varies by region and by the type of water heater being installed, but online resources, such HomeWyse.com, can provide estimates. Experts who install water heaters may also provide estimates that sometimes come with guarantees that the final price is below a part