To repair a scratched CD, rub a dry Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or an oil-based material such as petroleum jelly or toothpaste over the surface of the disc in straight lines from the center outwards. Alternatively, slightly h... More »

Once a CD is cracked, it is damaged beyond repair.Do not attempt to use a CD that is broken or cracked. More »

The most common cause for CD players to skip is dirty CDs. Other issues that can cause the problem include scratched CDs, badly made CDs, dirty drives and faulty drives. More »

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To clean a scratched CD, apply a small dab of regular toothpaste to the back of the CD, then polish it with a soft microfiber cloth. To protect the CD, wax it with carnauba car wax. The process takes approximately 10 min... More »

CD players sometimes eject discs without playing them because the CD is not the proper format for the machine, there is dust in the machine, the CD player's laser is defective or the disc has not been inserted correctly.... More »

You can remove scratches on the surface of a disc using toothpaste or peanut butter. Applying a dash of toothpaste with a clean cloth on the scratched areas and rubbing gently outwards is an effective way to remove light... More »

Most audio programs allow users to burn MP3s to an audio CD, automatically converting them to the correct format. While the resulting audio CD will play on all CD players, a 700MB CD can only contain a total of 80 minute... More »