In most instances, the best way to repair a leaking roof vent is to replace the vent with a new one. Roof vent boots are made of plastic or metal, as of 2015. With plumbing vents, the rubber gasket that surrounds the pip... More »

To repair a leaking roof valley, take the shingles off the roof, and attach the flashing onto the surface under the valley. Coat the flashing with caulk, and place the shingles back on the roof. Carefully examine each sh... More »

To repair damaged shingles, lift the shingles above the damaged area, and remove nails that impede the shingle from sliding into a firm position. Fix curled-back shingles by reattaching them with asphalt roof cement or a... More »

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A clogged sewer roof vent causes sewer gas to back up into the house, which has the potential to make residents sick, according to North Dakota State University. Ice, snow and other debris clog these pipes to cause a rot... More »

Fix clogged vent pipes by clearing any pipe debris from the top of the vent on the roof. With the aid of a plumber's snake or a garden hose, the clog can be flushed down the drain, leaving the vent clear and preventing f... More »

Installing a ridge vent requires removal of the cap shingles, cutting a slot at the roof ridge, removing the sheeting from the slot and installing the metal ridge vent. For the ridge vent to work correctly, the home must... More »

To install a metal ridge vent on a roof, remove the shingle caps, cut off the roof peak, attach, install ridge vent shingles, and attach roofing straps. The required supplies include a ladder, a pry bar, roofing nails, a... More »