A gas furnace that does not start sometimes requires relighting the pilot light. After waiting a few minutes for fumes to clear the area, the owner can turn the dial to pilot, press the red button, and light the pilot. H... More »

To repair a Goodman gas furnace, check the fuses and circuit breakers, clear the debris from the filter and clean the flame sensor. Other potential repairs include removing blockages from the flue and switch hose, adjust... More »

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To repair Lennox gas furnace parts, first determine the specific issue, and then replace or clean the failing part. Common problems with Lennox gas furnaces include incorrectly set thermostats, gas supply problems, fault... More »

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To troubleshoot a Nordyne gas furnace, ensure the furnace is turned on appropriately, clean and replace the filter and check to be sure the thermostat has power; check the pilot light and the gas line running into the ho... More »

In contrast with older gas furnaces, an oil burning furnace does not use a pilot light. An oil furnace typically uses an electronic ignition switch system. to power up. More »

To troubleshoot gas furnace burners that do not ignite, inspect the pilot light, ensure the gas valve is on and perform other common troubleshooting tasks. Review the owner's manual for model-specific troubleshooting ins... More »

To install a gas furnace thermocouple, turn off the gas and power, access the thermocouple through the access panel, remove the old unit, install the new unit and relight the pilot light. Consult a professional with any ... More »

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