ABS brake repair refers to the process of troubleshooting or repairing any issues found in a car's antilock braking system or the ABS controller. A car owner can identify if a vehicle's ABS requires repair if the ABS lig... More »

As of 2016, companies that repair anti-lock braking system disc brakes include Sears Auto, Firestone Complete Auto Care and Midas. Customers can find the closest location of any of the retailers by entering a ZIP code in... More »

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If your vehicle has a faulty anti-lock braking system module, replace the module, and then bleed the brake system. You need a VAG-COM diagnostic tool, a hydraulic pump, star screwdrivers, line wrenches and box wrenches. ... More »

Tips for repairing an antilock brake system, commonly known as ABS, include pumping the brakes several times first to release pressure, securely jacking up the vehicle, working on one wheel at a time, taking care not to ... More »

An ABS module, or ABS control module, refers to a car's anti-lock brake system, which controls the ABS system. The controls are directed in response to data that is gathered from the sensors placed around the car. The AB... More »

ABS stands for the anti-lock braking system on a car. This prevents brakes from locking up when they are suddenly applied on a slippery road. More »

The ABS light in a Ford Explorer comes on and stays on when there is a problem with the brake system or in cases where spark plugs are wearing thin. This light indicates there is an issue with stopping power that generat... More »