While it may be more difficult than usual for a person with poor credit to rent an apartment, it is not impossible. Those with poor credit may wish to use a co-signer, offer to pay a larger deposit or set up recurring re... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Fix poor credit by prioritizing the negative entries on your credit report and satisfying your debts by paying the balance or arranging a payment plan settlement with creditors. Raise your credit score by correcting any ... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

To lease an apartment with bad credit, one should be prepared to put up a larger deposit, demonstrate strong income, and provide letters from previous employers or landlords, says U.S. News & World Report. Other strategi... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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Seeking out landlords that don't perform credit checks and obtaining letters of recommendation from previous landlords that verify timely rent payments are two ways to get an apartment with bad credit. In addition, havin... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

To rent an apartment with poor credit, inform your potential landlord of your poor credit history, and promise to pay rent several months ahead before entering the apartment, according to SF Gate. Search for apartments t... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Rent abatement is a refund or discount on a person's rent because of an issue with the apartment. Rent abatement typically involves going to court, and a lawyer is necessary if the alleged rent abatement is more than wou... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Second chance apartment rentals are similar to regular apartment rentals, but second chance landlords agree to overlook issues in renters' pasts including late rent payments, broken leases, rent owed and evictions. In or... More » Business & Finance Real Estate