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Customers make payments online to Rent-A-Center stores by visiting the online payment portal of the company's website and creating a payment account. Payments are processed through a credit or debit card, with options for one-time or recurring payments.


Lowe's customers can register online to be able to pay their bills and manage their Lowe's credit card accounts, according to Lowe's. To access the accounts, site users need to identify the type of Lowe's credit cards they have, as the company website points out.


The major benefit of an online payment center is the convenience of allowing clients and customers to make payments from anywhere with an Internet connection. An online payment center makes traveling to a physical location or sending out a check via snail mail unnecessa...


Rent-A-Center allows customers to rent or purchase furniture, electronics, computers and other appliances without a credit check. Customers are permitted to trade their rental for the newest model and may use a loaner if a product needs to be repaired. All rentals inclu...


Online payment services allow consumers to pay merchants for goods or services electronically, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. A payment service provider acts as a middleman between the merchant and consumer in processing the payment through the Int...


Lowe's customers who have a credit account use the Lowe's payment center to pay their bills online. Customers can also update their information and view their account summary through the Lowe's credit center.


A ComEd payment center can be located by using the payment center locator tool that is found under the "Customer Service" section of the company's website. This tool allows customers to find a payment location by using a ZIP code as a search variable.