Landlords cannot raise the rent unless the lease allows for it. Tenants with a fixed-term lease, such as a 1-year lease, cannot have their rent raised during that term if their lease does not allow for it, states FindLaw... More »

A tenant rent increase notice is a letter written to tenants stating that the landlord is raising the rent. Most areas have laws that state the landlord must supply the rent increase notice before officially raising the ... More »

Serving a rent increment notice to a tenant can be done either in person or through mailing, notes, but the process of serving may vary from one state to another. Landlords should study the tenancy la... More »

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Find examples of a restaurant rent lease on sites such as,, and, as of 2015. Some site offer interactive tools to build a custom lease, while others pro... More »

The process of renting out a house to tenants involves advertising for tenants, prescreening the potential tenants, making background checks on the potential tenants and the signing of the rental lease agreement. Renting... More »

Look for available properties for lease to use as a beauty salon in common salon locations, which include shopping centers, storefronts and freestanding buildings, as described by Entrepreneur magazine. A commercial real... More »

Whether a landlord can or cannot raise a tenant's rent and how much that rent goes up by depends on whether or not the rental agreement is a lease and how soon the rent goes up after the tenant has been served written no... More »