An expired U.S. passport originally issued after the age of 16 is eligible for renewal for up to 15 years after the original date of issue, as long as the undamaged, expired passport is submitted along with the applicati... More » Geography

It costs $140 to renew an expired passport book and card, $110 to renew a passport book and $30 to renew a passport card, as of 2015. Adult passport renewal applications are accepted by mail or in person. More » Geography

Children age 15 and under cannot renew their U.S. passports online or by mail. If they are in the United States, they must apply in person with their parents at a Department of State passport agency or an authorized pass... More » Geography
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In order to renew a Canadian passport, the passport holder must first be eligible for a renewal and submit the existing passport along with two recent photos, a passport renewal application (also available in a simplifie... More » Geography

Applicants for U.S. passports are required to present proof of U.S. citizenship, proof of identity, a completed application for a passport or renewal, and a photocopy of the documents. Applicants may use a previously iss... More » Geography

To determine your passport application fee, you must decide if you need a new passport or simply a renewal of a previously issued passport. Passport books and passport cards are available at different costs. More » Geography

Applicants must pay a $110 fee when submitting a renewal application for a U.S. passport book, as of 2015. The fee for renewal of an adult U.S. passport book and card is $140 and renewal of a card is $30. More » Geography