Remove scuff marks from vinyl or patent leather high heels with nail polish remover. You need a cotton ball and a soft cloth. After removing the scuffs, apply petroleum jelly to keep the marks from returning. More »

Minor scuffs can be removed with a gum eraser, while more stubborn scuffing might require rubbing alcohol according to Hints from Heloise. Depending on how severe the scuff mark is, it can be removed in these two differe... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Stain Removal

Scuffs on leather can usually be fixed with a careful application of soap, water and leather conditioner. The cleaning methods vary slightly depending on the leather's finish. More »

When learning to walk in heels, you should start with lower heels and move on to higher ones as your comfort level increases. To learn to walk in heels, you should ensure that your heels are the correct size, choose prop... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Shoes

Women wear high heels for a variety of reasons, but research indicates that men tend to view women wearing heels as more attractive and they are nicer to them. This study found that men were more likely to answer women's... More »

Any woman or man who has not worn heels before can become accustomed to wearing the shoes by practicing in one or two-inch high heels. Taking small steps, walking in a straight line and trying out different surfaces can ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Shoes

To remove scuff marks from a vinyl floor, wash the floor with warm water mixed with a floor cleaner, rub isopropyl alcohol into the scuff marks with a clean rag, and rinse the floor with water. You need a mop, a bucket, ... More »