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How do you get scuff marks off patent leather? Sandy Reed, Windermere, FL. First, try rubbing them with a microfiber cloth, terry towel, or gum eraser, whichever is handiest.


The shiny, smooth surface of patent leather is often ruined by scuff marks. White or gray scuff marks on black patent leather surfaces, particularly shoes, is a common sight. While most people accept scuff marks as par for the course with patent leather, you can remove them with supplies from home.


After reading another discussion board, I tried Windex first on a vintage black patent leather clutch (from a store that has been out of business since the 60s), and it worked like magic! Not only was I able to easily remove a couple white scuff marks on the black patent leather, but the whole purse looks like brand new.


Patent leather scuffs easily, and to make matters worse, it’s very difficult to restore to the original look once the damage appears. The following technique may not completely repair the scuff, but it will go a long way toward improving the look of your patent leather pieces, all the way down to the shine.


The first step to removing scuffs is using a soft cloth with some shoe cream. You should be able to buff off most of the marks with this. The before picture above is how my patent shoes looked after I did a once over with a soft cloth and shoe cream.


Patent leather has a shiny finish and is a durable material, but it scuffs easily. Black patent leather shoes won’t show scuffs marks as much as light-colored tan shoes. The slightest run in with a curb or rock, and you’ll be left with a mark across your tan patent leather shoes.


To clean scuff marks off white patent leather shoes, rub a small amount of mineral oil onto a test area. If the oil doesn't alter the color of the shoe, take a clean, soft cloth and apply a small amount of mineral oil to the surface of the show.


To remove dark scuffs from leather or synthetic leather shoes, scrub the scuff mark with toothpaste using an old toothbrush. Try wetting the toothbrush to help the toothpaste foam up, scrubbing the scuffs with circular movements, then wiping off the toothpaste and letting the shoes dry.