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Table of Contents:Removing Scuff MarksRemoving ScratchesAdditional Tips and Advice advertisement Mary asked: How do I clean a scratched wall? My wall is scratched from bumping into it with chairs. Now there are black marks all over that one specific area. Is there any way to clean that without having to paint the whole wall? Furniture, […]


If you have matte painted walls in your home, you know that while they look beautiful, it can be tough to get scuff marks off without scratching or wearing down the paint. Don't fret. There are a few tips and tricks you can use to get the marks off of your wall without worrying about doing any damage to the finish.


Scuff marks age an otherwise perfect and chic paint job. Cleaning the area as soon as you notice the damage gives you the best results, reducing the chances that require paint touch-ups. Start ...


Care must be taken when removing scuff marks from painted and unpainted walls to prevent damage to the finish. This is a guide about removing scuff marks on walls.


Few things can ruin the look of your home like ugly wall scuff marks. These unsightly blemishes can make even the most pristine room look bad. But don’t get down about the scuffs on your paint ...


Many homeowners and builders use flat paint for this quality, which hides texture surface imperfections. The matte finish on flat walls is difficult to keep clean, since the grainier texture tends to hold onto dirt, dust and other debris. The lower potion of flat painted walls are prone to surface damage, where shoes can scuff and mark up the area.


How to Remove Scuff Marks From Walls. Scuff marks aren't as common on walls as they are on floors, but they do happen. The ease with which you can remove them depends on the type of paint on the wall; scuffs are much easier to remove from gloss or semi-gloss walls than from walls painted with flat paint. In the latter case, there is a danger of...


Scuff Marks are Off the Wall ... Check out Mr. Clean’s two easy steps to learn how to remove scuff marks from walls. Step One: Wet. All you need to do to prep your Magic Eraser is simply get it wet. Give it a good squeeze to remove any excess water. ... Paint Prep: How to Clean Walls Before You Paint. VISIT BUTLER


Heloise give helpful advice on removing black marks off of a wall without taking the paint off. Heloise give helpful advice on removing black marks off of a wall without taking the paint off. Search.


Oh, it must be my bad luck again, as I see all the comments from people that love magic erasers. But I used one and it took off the scuff marks, so I “went to town” with it and went all over the house erasing all thevscuff marks on the paint. Then later I saw that it had actually removed some of the paint,too.