Removing photographs stuck to glass can be very tricky. You need a blow dryer, a bowl of warm water, or some newspaper and gloves, depending on what method you decide to use. Heating the glass with a blow dryer may do th... More » Home & Garden Decor

Popular examples of wall groupings in an apartments include collections of photographs, a mix of various art pieces, or collections of themed items that have special meaning for residents. Photographs may be in haphazard... More » Home & Garden Decor

Design ideas that use decorative glass balls include placing mirrored glass bulbs along a garden path, arranging decorative sea-colored glass balls in a display with pieces of sea glass and hanging glass balls at differe... More » Home & Garden Decor
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Traditional dance studio mirrors are made of high-quality glass that covers at least one wall, and usually two or three walls of the studio space, most or all of the way from ceiling to floor. Alternatives made from synt... More » Home & Garden Decor

Creating a candle is as simple as pouring layers into a glass. You can decorate a variety of candles to coordinate with your event or activity. Bands of sand create a candle that is cheerful and fun. You need several col... More » Home & Garden Decor

Some options for buying wholesale clear glass vases include purchasing them online at and As of 2015, these companies let customers place wholesale orders onlin... More » Home & Garden Decor

Some stores that sell photo frame replacement glass include Michael's, Lowe's and The Home Depot. The glasses come in various sizes and may, in some cases, need to be cut down to fit the exact frame size that needs repla... More » Home & Garden Decor