A grout rake and an oscillating multitool are good tools for removing grout, according to PopularMechanics. The rake is a hand-held tool recommended for small areas and narrow grout joints measuring 1/4-inch or less. The... More »

If your old grout is cracking, then, technically, new grout can be placed over the old grout, but that is just a temporary solution. In a short time, the cracks come back. The Floor Elf holds that the best, permanent sol... More »

Although new grout can be applied over old grout, it is not recommended. Old and new layers do not adhere to each other; this is nothing more than a temporary solution. The initial problem is likely to recur. More »

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An oscillating tool is a handheld power multi-tool used for various home improvement projects. Oscillating tools can be fitted with different blades and attachments for specific uses. More »

To remove grout, use an oscillating tool with a fine-toothed saw blade to eliminate most of the grout between tiles. Finish the rest of the removal process with a flat-head screwdriver and a utility knife. Use a vacuum w... More »

The Garelick 89421 21-foot aluminum snow roof rake, the Snow Joe RJ204M 21-foot twist-n-lock telescoping snow shovel roof rake and the Suncast SRR2100 24-inch snow shovel roof rake are highly rated roof rakes. Each of th... More »

Attach a landscape rake to a lawn tractor by aligning the tractor's hitch bars along with the rake's hitch pins and sliding the connection pins in place. Place a clip on each hitch pin to secure it completely. More »