Buy vitamin C tablets and a good-quality shampoo, crush the tablets and combine them with the shampoo, apply the mixture to your hair, cover your hair with a plastic cap or bag while the treatment processes, and then was... More »

Some ways to remove black hair dye are using a color-removing kit, using home remedies and seeking professional help of a hair colorist. Hair color removal kits and home remedies are self-administered, but it is easy to ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Removing hair dye with developer is best done by a trained stylist, since it removes the natural melanin in addition to dye from your hair and can leave your hair brassy and brittle, but it can be done at home with care.... More »

Using a store-bought color remover or a homemade vitamin C treatment that mixes vitamin C powder with shampoo are ways to remove hair coloring. Both of these methods work on permanent and semi-permanent hair dye and do n... More »

To lighten your hair from black to light brown, apply a shampoo cap to all the hair, process it, rinse and condition the hair, and tone the underlying red tones. Lightening hair takes roughly 2 hours and requires hair bl... More »

To make red hair dye fade more quickly, shampoo your hair with a mixture of baking soda and your regular shampoo, and then wash it daily with clarifying shampoo. The supplies you need for this 10-minute procedure are bak... More »

To lighten hair color that is too dark, wash it several times with clarifying shampoo, condition it and apply a dye-lifting treatment. This process takes about 3 hours and requires clarifying shampoo, nourishing conditio... More »