To replace a blade on a Delta miter saw, unscrew the guards from the saw and then use a wrench to unscrew the bolt holding the blade while holding the bolt in place on the other side with an Allen wrench. Remove the old ... More »

When making compound miter cuts, always test the angles with scrap material before making the final cut. Bear in mind that the cuts are directional, so there is always a left side and a right side. To make compound miter... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry

Woodworkers can create a reusable box joint jig out of plywood, a few wood screws and woodworking glue using a table saw. This jig is used to make a box joint, which holds two pieces of wood together and is used in furni... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry

Replace a drill chuck by removing the retaining screw, inserting an a 3/8-inch Allen wrench into the chuck and tightening it, and then hitting the wrench with a mallet to loosen the unit from the threads. Unscrew the old... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools

A double-bevel miter saw creates angled cuts on either the left or the right side of a material, allowing for cuts in both directions without the need to rearrange the material. For comparison, a single-bevel saw cuts in... More »

Use a power miter saw by keeping it steady and holding it firm. Make sure you adjust the angle for cleaner cuts as well as practice safety techniques. Manual miter saws may require a different set of techniques. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools

Check for the appropriate amount of torque and turn the torque wrench in a clockwise motion against the bolt until the indicator or the gauge shows the desired ft-lbs. When tightening bolts on a car wheel, the recommende... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools