To remove wood stain from wood, apply varnish remover to the wood to soften the finish so that it can be scraped away. If the wood stain is present after the first coat, apply a second coat. More »

In order to remove water stains from wood, users can try to iron the moisture out of the wood. This works best if the stains are only a few days old. More »

Remove water stains from wood furniture without refinishing using mineral spirits or denatured alcohol to rub the stain. Work in a well-ventilated area. If these solvents do not draw out the water, the other option is re... More »

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A good technique for refinishing a wooden table requires stripping away the old finish, sanding the wood smooth, filling open grain, applying sealer and adding new stain and finish. This process can help restore a piece ... More »

To stain cabinets, prepare the wood by sanding off the old finish, then apply a wood conditioner to seal the wood. Apply the stain, going over the wood in a circular motion, and wipe off the excess. Apply two coats of a ... More »

Restore an antique wood swivel chair by cleaning the chair, stripping the old finish, removing stains, applying new finish, and repairing or replacing parts in the swivel mechanism. Use clear finish rather than wood stai... More »

Lacquer furniture polish is a fast-drying finish applied to wooden furniture to protect the wood from damage. Lacquer finishes are solid yet flexible, so the finish smoothly wraps the wood while preventing scratches and ... More »