Remove latex paint from clothes by blotting excess paint away, rinsing the garment from the back, tapping the paint with a sponge moistened with dishwashing detergent, and rinsing the garment. You must dab and rinse the ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

Removing latex paint from clothing is more complicated and time-consuming than removing acrylic paint. Many acrylic paint stains dissolve in water, but latex paint requires treatment with dish soap and commercial stain r... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Stain Removal

To remove latex paint from wood trim you need clean rags, water and denatured alcohol. The process itself is fairly easy, simply add a small amount of alcohol to the rag, then rub the paint spot with firm pressure to rem... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry
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It is typically okay to wash a silk garment by hand, according to Martha Stewart Living. However, the clothing item should be 100 percent silk. Clothing made of synthetic blends that include silk should be cleaned by a d... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

Remove water-based glues from clothing by scraping off softened glue and then laundering the garment in hot water after pretreating the glued area. If the glue has already hardened, then soften it before scraping it away... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

Use a garment steamer to get rid of wrinkles from a suit. Steaming smooths wrinkles out from all types of fabric. You need a garment steamer, clothes hangers and a steamer pressing board to steam a suit. More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

A pressing cloth is a smooth, sometimes sheer piece of cloth placed between the iron and the garment or textile to be pressed. It acts to protect fabrics from adverse effects caused by the heat of the iron. More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry