Fix latex paint drips that have dried by removing the drip, sanding the affected area, priming the wall and applying touch up paint in thin coats. Avoid paint drips by periodically stepping away from the surface when pai... More »

To remove latex paint from concrete, gather a rag or a roll of paper towels, a brush, detergent, water, a bucket, a scraper, a stiff scrub brush and paint remover. Use the rag or paper towels to wipe up all of the wet pa... More »

To remove latex paint from wood trim you need clean rags, water and denatured alcohol. The process itself is fairly easy, simply add a small amount of alcohol to the rag, then rub the paint spot with firm pressure to rem... More »

Remove paint drips on a wall by lightly scraping off the raised portion of the drip with a scraper, gently sanding the area in the direction of the drip and applying an additional topcoat of paint. Work carefully to remo... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

To fix paint chips on a wall, scrape off the sticking chips from the wall with a putty knife, fill the holes with spackle, sand the wall, then apply primer before painting. To achieve a uniform surface, use paint that is... More »

Paint runs develop when excess paint drips from your brush, creating bumps in the finished coat. This process fixes runs that you discover once they are almost dry or completely dry, after it is too late to just wipe the... More »

To fix paint steaks, wait for the paint to dry completely, purchase new paint that matches the original shade, and prepare the area for painting. Apply primer over the streaks, and then paint the area with a fresh coat. More »