To remove latex paint from concrete, gather a rag or a roll of paper towels, a brush, detergent, water, a bucket, a scraper, a stiff scrub brush and paint remover. Use the rag or paper towels to wipe up all of the wet pa... More »

Fix latex paint drips that have dried by removing the drip, sanding the affected area, priming the wall and applying touch up paint in thin coats. Avoid paint drips by periodically stepping away from the surface when pai... More »

According to Living Space 360, to remove dried gloss paint you need to use a scraper in combination with paint strippers. If the paint is water-based, use methylated spirits. If the paint is oil-based, then use white spi... More »

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Cleaning grout in the shower requires the use of a scrub brush with nylon or plastic bristles, a roll of paper towels and a gallon of chlorine bleach. A gallon of white vinegar and a spray bathroom cleaner or extremely m... More »

To clean concrete floors, scrub them with a bristle brush, warm water and a multipurpose detergent. If the floor is stained, apply ammonia or hydrogen peroxide to the stained areas before scrubbing. More »

Clean grout with a scrub brush and mildew remover or solution of bleach and water, then seal with a commercial grout sealer. Some sealers also stain grout a new color while they seal to give the tile a fresh look. More »

To clean mold off concrete basement walls, the homeowner must mix a solution of one part bleach to three or four parts of water and apply it to a scrub brush or a sponge to scrub away the mold. The cleaner must wear safe... More »