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Electrolysis is the only method to permanently remove all hair on an area, according to the United States Food and Drug Administration. Laser hair removal is an option to permanently reduce the amount of hair but doesn't remove all of it entirely, reports WebMD.


You can permanently remove hair using laser hair removal. The cost averages $235 per treatment, as of 2012, and 90 percent of patients report permanent hair loss after three to five sessions. In order to have laser hair removal, you must prepare for the treatment, protect your eyes and skin, undergo


While there are many solutions for temporary hair removal, the only permanent hair removal option is electrolysis. Electrolysis is the removal of hair roots by the application of heat, using an electric current, which is forced into the hair follicle with a small needle.


There are many possible side effects resulting from the process of permanent hair removal, including increased skin sensitivity, skin color changes, and possible swelling and scarring, according to WebMD.


Relatively permanent options for hair removal include laser hair removal, intense pulsed light and electrolysis. Laser or intense pulsed light hair removal does not work on white hair and does not work well on blonde hair. In this case, electrolysis may be used.


Laser hair removal permanently removes unwanted hair from the body. It can take up to five treatments to achieve the desired result, and treatments are usually scheduled six weeks apart.


Vinegar does not strip hair color from the hair. Vinegar removes residue buildup on the hair without damaging it or the hair dye.


According to the product website, NoNoPro.com, the no!no! PRO hair remover works by utilizing thermodynamic wire to transmit heat directly into the hair. This process crystallizes the hair before removing it.


Hair dye can only be removed with bleach, so to remove permanent hair dye, apply a soap cap. If necessary, tone and re-color the hair. Removing permanent hair dye takes roughly 45 minutes plus re-coloring time and requires shampoo, hair bleach, conditioner and protective gloves. If re-coloring the h


Opinions on hair care products vary greatly from person to person, but the brands Wella, Matrix SoColor and Rusk are all highly regarded among professional hair stylists. Elgon is another hair color line that professionals rely upon for great quality.