The Magnavox remote control codes for the Toshiba brand of televisions include 0035 and 0037, while for the Hitachi brand of televisions, the codes include 0025, 0028, 0030 and 0032. lists the appropria... More » Technology Television & Video

The remote control codes for the Sharp GA935WJSA remote model to program a Philips VCR brand include 04, 05 and 06. The codes for the Anvision brand of set-top boxes are 04 and 05. Similarly, the Sharp remote control has... More »

Most cable and satellite providers allow consumers to obtain free remote control codes for their products on their websites, including DIRECTV, Verizon FiOS and Comcast. GE offers free codes for its remote controls at Ja... More » Art & Literature

The following are codes for a universal remote control for an Emerson brand television: 0463, 0236, 0019, 0180 and 0280. There are many other codes as well, including 0179, 0154, 0177, 0178 and 0038. More »

To program a Magnavox universal remote control, find and enter the four-digit code that connects your remote to your television. If you don't have access to four-digit codes, you can perform a code search to program the ... More » Technology Television & Video

Programming a Toshiba remote control requires access to the remote control codes table found in the owner’s manual or user guide for the Toshiba device. Although many Toshiba remote controls include a “search” feature th... More »

Most Toshiba remote codes are found in the user manual for the Toshiba TV in question. To find the code for a particular model, open the user guide for the TV and look for a device code table, then find the device and it... More »