To write a remembrance poem for someone who is deceased, tap into emotions to write the poem, use details from the life of the deceased, and format the poem after the writing is complete. It can help to have other people... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

One example of a good remembrance quote for deceased loved ones is "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all," which is attributed to Alfred Lord Tennyson. Another remembrance quote is, "When we ... More » Education

Some good words of remembrance for a funeral are that memories of the deceased person live on and that the person's spirit made others smile. Other words of remembrance for a funeral say that the deceased person worked h... More »

A memorial poem refers to either a poem written to commemorate someone's life after they die or to an existing poem chosen for a funeral, wake or memorial service. Mourners and preachers often read or recite poems as par... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

A personification poem is a poem that bestows human-like qualities and emotions on either inhuman or inanimate objects, often in order to create symbolism and allegory. Many poets have used personification in their work,... More »

A poem's mood refers to the emotions evoked by the poem's language. When poets use words to specifically inspire feelings of sadness, anger, joy or other emotions, those words contribute to the poem's mood. More »

Write a poem for your granddaughter by choosing a writing style for the poem, which dictates its form and structure, and then focus on the message you want to convey with the poem. Focus on a special event with the grand... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry