Rejuvenate a weakened magnet by rubbing it against a stronger, more powerful magnet for a few minutes. The stronger magnet partially realigns the electrons of the weaker magnet and restores it to at least some level of i... More » Science Physics Magnetism

A weak magnet becomes stronger when it is rubbed with a strong magnet for several minutes. The strong magnet must be rubbed in only one direction. This procedure does not weaken the stronger magnet. More » Science Physics Magnetism

The pole strength of each piece when a bar magnet is cut into two equal halves perpendicular to its length is the same as the pole strength of the original bar magnet. However, the magnetic moment of each piece is half t... More » Science Physics Magnetism
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Permanent magnet generators produce electricity by rotating strong magnets around metal wires. These conductive wires then convey the electricity throughout a residence or industrial complex for decades, because the magn... More » Science Physics Magnetism

Earth is like a giant magnet in several ways. Not only does it have a magnetic north and south pole that act similarly to the poles on bar magnets, but the planet is surrounded by a strong magnetic field, which is electr... More » Science Physics Magnetism

Lead is not magnetic in the sense that it is neither attracted to nor repelled by a magnet. Lead cannot be charged up via contact with a magnet unlike what happens with many other metal objects, such as nails, staples an... More » Science Physics Magnetism

Under normal circumstances, a common magnet does not stick to aluminum. Under the right conditions, however, it is possible to get a strong magnet to interact with aluminum, though never to the extent that it works with ... More » Science Physics Magnetism