To build a backyard horseshoe pit, build two identical wooden boxes, dig two trenches, place the boxes in the trenches on top of landscape fabric, drive stakes into the trenches 40 feet apart from each other, and fill wi... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

In a regulation horseshoe pit, the stakes are exactly 40 feet apart and placed in the center of a box that may vary in size. The minimum size allowed for the box is 31 inches wide by 43 inches long, and the largest size ... More »

The game of horseshoes involves a player standing behind a foul line and tossing a shoe towards a stake. The game is divided into innings, and each player is allowed to pitch twice an inning. The amount of innings in a g... More »

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To build a dam on a small creek, dig two trenches about 4 feet apart, anchor down logs in the trenches, create a mesh bottom and cover the entire area with soil, brush, stones and rocks. This type of dam aerates the wate... More »

Build a backyard fire pit using concrete blocks or bricks, rebar stake and shovel. Mark a circle in the area with the stake, string and shovel, and dig a small area for the wood. Complete the pit with rocks, bricks or bl... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

To make a patio, dig a 2-inch deep trench, lay landscape fabric and add a 3-inch stone dust layer over the area; then, lay down pavers, and tamp them into place. Finally, seal any cracks and wash off extra dust. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Build a stone fire pit by constructing a short stone wall lined with fire brick, building a cement footing and using mortar to hold the stones in place. The project should take about three hours to complete. More » Home & Garden Outdoor