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Public services include: registering to vote, updating voting records, applying for an absentee ballot, filing a petition for public office, filing a campaign ...


If you are already registered, you are not required to re-register, provided you have voted at least one time during the last two federal elections or unless ...


Information about voting for: College students Military and civilian overseas voters People who have been convicted of a felony or are in jail How to Vote.


Before You Register | How to Register | Check Your Registration Status. Register to Vote Every eligible voter should have a fair and equal opportunity to ...


Civic participation is key in a properly functioning democracy. For many people, participation means casting a ballot. Learn more about voting in ...


320), known as the Pennsylvania Election Code, in which all qualified electors are eligible to vote in the same polling place. 25c711h. SUBCHAPTER B.


Sep 24, 2021 ... Learn how to vote in Pennsylvania. Voter registration, absentee ballots, early voting, and voter ID information.


Register to Vote · A state representative's office · Any library · Erie County Voter Registration Office.


You may register: Online; At the Registration Office in the Bucks County Courthouse, Doylestown; Pick up a Voter Registration Application at any Post Office, ...


Registering to Vote. For additional questions regarding registering to vote contact the Elections and Voter Registration Office at (570) 517-3165.


A resident of Pennsylvania and the election district in which the individual desires to register and vote for at least 30 days before the next primary, special, ...