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In Pennsylvania, you don't need a driver's license to buy or register a car. And, while getting car insurance in Pennsylvania without a license can be difficult, it’s not impossible. Here is everything you need to know about buying and registering a car in Pennsylvania without a license.


Pennsylvania car registration is mandatory and should be applied for if you move into this state, buy a new or used car and even when you receive one as a gift.Newcomers in the state are allowed twenty days from the day of starting residency to register their cars. In general, to register your car you must bring a valid title in your name and Pennsylvania address.


Fees to Register a Custom or Antique Vehicle in Pennsylvania. The final step in the Pennsylvania custom vehicle registration and title procedure is to provide payment for the applicable fees. Note that when registering a custom car or an antique vehicle, the fees may differ depending on the type of vehicle you own.


In order to complete the PA registration process, individuals must have a valid form of Pennsylvania identification. Although new residents have sixty (60) days to get a Pennsylvania driver’s license, they can get them right away to make the PA vehicle registration process smoother.

www.dot.state.pa.us/public/DVSPubsForms/BMV/BMV Fact Sheets/Commercial Vehicle...

commercial vehicles may operate in another jurisdiction with the purchase of a temporary permit from the jurisdiction where travel is desired. Pennsylvania is a titlestate which requires a vehicle to be titled prior to registration being issued, however, an out-of-state title owner may lease his vehicle to a Pennsylvania apportioned registrant.

www.dot.state.pa.us/public/dvspubsforms/BMV/BMV Fact Sheets/fs-buysell.pdf

(1) When a Pennsylvania resident acquires a new vehicle or acquires a used vehicle from a non-resident, including an out-of-state dealer, for use in this commonwealth. NOTE: If the MCO is assigned to a Pennsylvania registered dealer and reassigned to a PA resident, the VIN verification is not required.


The reason: The pandemic has forced Departments of Motor Vehicles and similar offices to close or reduce their capacity in many states, making registering and signing a vehicle title more difficult.

www.dot.state.pa.us/Public/DVSPubsForms/BMV/BMV Fact Sheets/fs-ant.pdf

The use of antique, classic and vintage registration plates is governed by Section 1340 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, which states: “It is unlawful for any person to operate a motorcycle or vehicle with antique, classic, vintage, collectible or historic military vehicle registration plates for general daily transportation.


Registering an out of state car in New Jersey can create the need for extra paper work and time spent at the Division of Motor Vehicles. You should be prepared with all the proper documentation in order to ensure a successful trip to get your Pennsylvania-bought car registered in New Jersey.


In order to legally drive your car on the roads in the U.S., it must be registered with your state government. In order to be registered, however, a car must have a title, which is a certificate that proves ownership of a vehicle.As such, if you’re hoping to register a car without a title, your first step is getting the car titled.