Pressing the F5 key or the "Ctrl" and "R" keys simultaneously on a keyboard refreshes the page. For Macs, use the "Cmd" key instead of the "Ctrl" key, along with "R." More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

Though a computer does not have a "refresh" button, the F5 button does have refresh capabilities that enables its user to reload a page in any Internet browser. This functionality allows a person waiting for something to... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Keyboard

To refresh an IP address in Windows using ipconfig, open the Start menu, and click the Run command, or click on the search bar if the Run command isn't available. Type "cmd" into the Run box or search bar, and hit enter.... More » Technology Internet & Networking
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Rotate the computer screen on Windows by pressing and holding the "Ctrl" key, the "Alt" key and one of the arrow keys on the keyboard. This action is very fast and users can put their screen back to the normal configurat... More » Technology Software

To take a screenshot on a device running on Windows 8, press the Windows logo key and PrtScn button simultaneously on your keyboard. The screen dims for a moment to confirm that the screenshot has been taken. Access the ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

To boot a computer from a USB drive, connect the USB device to the computer, restart the computer, press the F2 key on your keyboard to access the BIOS menu, then locate the boot option. Some computers require you to pre... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

Computers running Microsoft Windows can be locked at any time by holding down the Windows key on the keyboard and pressing L. The current user's password must then be entered to resume using the computer. More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help