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The person doing reflexology should be comfortable also, because it will come across in the treatment if they are not. For good practice, never do reflexology bending over, or at an awkward angle and make sure there is no pressure on your knees #10. You can use the relaxation or massage techniques anytime during reflexology


Common reflexology terms are transverse zones, foot aspects, and crystal deposits. Reflexology manipulation techniques are walking, rotating, hook & back up, pressing, and pivot on-a-point techniques. 5 Transverse lines in Reflexology Five transverse lines are on the plantar aspect, they are. The shoulder line is located below the bases of the ...


Foot Reflexology techniques and step by step instructions. Here you will find step by step instructions for foot reflexology! Start now by learning the technique you will use; Foot Reflexology Technique . Thumb Walking. This is the most used technique for doing foot reflexology.


Want to incorporate some basic reflexology techniques into your massage routine? This is my approach, and it doesn't require any special knowledge of meridians, organs, etc. It's just a unique way ...


Common Massage Therapy Techniques. A quality massage therapist will have an array of massage tools and techniques to assist you.These massage techniques can include the following: Longitudinal Gliding. Longitudinal gliding is a basic but effective massage technique administered in the direction of the blood flow. It aids the fluid dispersion from the injury site, and thus helps reduce ...


SPORTS MASSAGE is designed to help you train better, whether you’re a world champion or a weekend warrior. The techniques are similar to those in Swedish and deep tissue massage, but Greene says sports massage has been adapted to meet the athlete’s special needs.


How to Apply Reflexology to the Hands. Reflexologists believe that there's a "map" of the human body on our hands. Every part of the body, including your organs, is matched by a corresponding reflex point on your hands. Applying pressure...


How to Do Reflexology. Reflexology is an ancient healing art backed by modern research that you can learn how to perform in the comfort of your own home. Reflexology involves applying pressure to specific places on your feet, hands and...


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