To refinish laminate kitchen cabinets, remove the doors from the cabinets, remove the hardware, sand the surfaces you wish to refinish, clean up the sanding dust, and apply a coat of primer. Paint the cabinets and doors,... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

To refinish an old kitchen cabinet, clean the cabinet, repair any holes and cracks, sand and prime the cabinet, sand the cabinet again, paint the cabinet, and apply polyurethane. Be sure to obtain paint color with good a... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Use a mild cleaner, and work your way up to a stronger one to clean laminate kitchen cabinets. Be gentle, and avoid hard scrubbing to prevent unsightly surface scratches. You need nonabrasive cloths, water, cleaner, a bu... More »

In order to repaint MDF kitchen cabinets, remove the doors and hardware, thoroughly clean all surfaces, sand, apply two coats of primer and apply two coats of paint. Allow the cabinets and doors to dry completely between... More »

Paint kitchen cabinets by removing all the hardware, cleaning and sanding the surfaces, adding primer and adding the paint. You need a screwdriver, trisodium phosphate, water, a rag, a tack cloth, sandpaper, primer seale... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

To update kitchen cabinets easily, remove the old hardware, clean and sand the surfaces of the cabinets, paint the cabinets and install new hardware. Basic tools, such as a paintbrush, sandpaper and a screwdriver, are ne... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

To refinish kitchen cabinets, remove the hardware and shelves, clean the cabinets, fill gouges with putty, sand the cabinets, stain the wood, and install new hardware. You need mineral spirits, rags, wood putty, a putty ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance